EDIT: Okay, so this is the 3rd time that I’ve gotten this message. At first I was like “Oh yeah its just someone who’s trying to get themselves promoted or something but then I got this again and it doesn’t seem right because they changed their name to Victoria suddenly??? When I first got it it was Nathaly but this is a virus, no matter what name it says, because they change the names and send it on different blogs please reblog it because I don’t want anyone to get any viruses. HERES A LIST OF ALL VIRUS BLOGS THAT ARE CURRENTLY SPREADING THE VIRUS:

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Also, I’ve noticed that all of the blogs that I’ve gotten this message from has a really cliche title like “beautiful landscapes” or “beautiful tattoos” so please watch out for that too. Do not click it, reblog and spread this as quickly as you can. 

I got one of these and never clicked the link. I’m glad I didn’t

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A Review Of My Morning In 4 Images


yahoo is the devil

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"There are not that many movies about domestic [American] transracial adoption. In one, the 1995 movie Losing Isaiah, Halle Berry stars as a crackhead named Khaila who leaves her baby, Isaiah, in a trash can while she goes to find some crack. He’s discovered, taken to a hospital, and adopted by Jessica Lange’s character, Margaret. When Khaila cleans up and discovers her son is still alive, she wants him back, and a judge orders his return. But it is too late—the toddler is attached to Margaret, and he doesn’t respond to Khaila. Khaila is forced to admit that Margaret has become her son’s mother. The last scene shows Margaret and Isaiah reunited over some toys, and Khaila playing alongside them. A title card flashes: “And a little child shall lead them, Isaiah 11:6.”

A little child shall lead them.

That phrase hits me hard. One of the reasons I’d been looking into transracial adoption was to teach racist family members of mine a lesson. I had other reasons too—I’ve been debating whether to become a parent for a while—but this one was the most embarrassing. In my fantasy, I hadn’t considered how exactly I would protect my child. The child was a means to an end, a healing agent: Want to rid your parents of their overt racism? Give them black grandchildren and defy them not to love them! Need to atone for your own covert racism? Adopt a black child and let him teach you!"


Jen Graves, Black Kids in White Houses: On Race, Silence, and the Changing American Family

the more you know: Pulitzer Prize winning-reportage on the US government’s arms-fueled crack pipeline into American inner cities, decimating Black urban communities.

(via brandx) whoa whoa whoa no! A racist that adopts a black baby thinking this will somehow teach their other racist family members to love black people is inviting a child into a world of hatred they may never fully understand and that did nothing to deserve. Do not use our babies as a bandaid to heal your depraved minds. DO NOT DARE (via queennubian

white logic! this is the exact reason they believe racism does not still exist. but really tho, is that what romney’s son was thinking?adopt a black child, poof, racism is gone while at the same time you deprive this child of their on identity so you wont have to elevate your ignorant mind. 

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Sapelo Island, Georgia — It’s a culture struggling to survive. Fewer than 50 people — all descendants of slaves — fear they may soon be taxed out of the property their families have owned since the days of slavery.

They are the Gullah-Geechee people of Sapelo Island off Georgia’s coast, near Savannah. This small, simple community is finding itself embroiled in a feud with local officials over a sudden, huge increase in property assessments that are raising property taxes as much as 600% for some.
Many say the increase could force them to sell their ancestral properties. “Sapelo being the only intact Gullah-Geechee community in the country that’s left, that is a part of history. It will be a shame not to preserve””That’s part of the American history. That’s part of what built this country,” said Charles Hall, 79, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel who was born under a midwife’s care in the same home he lives in today.

McIntosh County’s decision to reappraise homes on the island sparked the problem.

We knew this was coming.

you wanna know something. i live in savannah. this is my first time hearing this.

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  • Question: white people always saying shit like "/I/ didn't enslave black people, don't put that on me! you can't blame ME for what my ancestors did" but then they take great pride and bust out with "you know abraham lincoln yea he freed the slaves with the emancipation proclamation, and he was white, like me" - nicorobinz
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    fifty shades of shade

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I remember by the begining of middle school I prayed so hard that God would make me light skin


I’m of Ghanaian heritage (west coast Africa) somewhere along my mother’s ancestry there was a white man and that’s where she gained her fair light skin. My Father on the other hand my father is dark skin as his father and mother before him and so on. I never really thought of my skin color as…

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My Experience with Racism in my School


my first day of attending my elementary school, i became aware. that was also the first day i learned self loath. every experience i had in dealing with my feelings toward my racial identity happened at this school. one teacher in particular, i remember her telling a white student-after he had…

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Shout out to all my gal African dancers slaying it ~ life has just been got

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